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Quick Facts
  • U.S. Census Population (official): 4,226
  • U.S. Census Population (2015 estimate): 4,196
  • Regional Commission: Heart of Georgia Altamaha
  • County: Jeff Davis
  • Congressional District: 2
  • State Senate District: 19
  • State Legislature Districts: 149, 156, 19

Police Department



Hazlehurst Police Department
17 Johnson Street
Hazlehurst, Georgia 31539

Telephone: (912) 375-6688
Fax: (912) 375-6683

The Hazlehurst Police Department is under the direction of Police Chief Ken Williams, who has served as Chief of the Hazlehurst Police Department since January 2017.

Chief Williams is a graduate of Jeff Davis High School and also has an Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College.  He began his career with the Hazlehurst Police Department in 1996 before moving on to the Jeff Davis County Sheriff's Department as a deputy sheriff and investigator.  He later worked for Plant Hatch in Baxley as a nuclear security officer before being selected as Hazlehurst's police chief.

The Hazlehurst Police Department vigorously responds to calls for law enforcement services, enforces all state and local laws and ordinances, protects life and property, investigates matters of a criminal nature, preserves the peace, and strives to prevent crime disorder. We are guided by the policies enacted by the City of Hazlehurst, the laws of the state of Georgia, and the Constitution of the United States of America.

The mission of the Hazlehurst Police Department is to provide our city with a friendly, safe, and a healthy environment to live and work.

The office of the Chief of Police is appointed by the Hazlehurst City Council.

City of Hazlehurst Marshals and Police Chiefs Since 1922:

1. Chief of Police Ken Williams in office January 25, 2017

2. Chief of Police Steven C. Land in office October 21, 1982, until January 19, 2017

3. Chief of Police Don Creamer in office January 1, 1978

4. Chief of Police Richard Deas in office June 1, 1977

5. Chief of Police Donnie Spell in office January 1, 1977

6. Chief of Police James E. Carver in office May 1, 1975

7. Chief of Police Floyd Creamer in office September 19, 1972

8. Chief of Police Earl Hughes in office May 9, 1972

9. Chief of Police Ivy Cato in office May 16, 1967

10. Chief of Police John Edd Shaw in office January 15, 1966

11. Chief of Police J.M. Mason in office May 5, 1964

12. Chief of Police Gaines Powell in office March 1, 1963

13. Chief of Police A.E. Anderson in office June 6, 1961

14. Chief of Police E.C. Beckman in office September 6, 1960

15. Chief of Police C.C. Hill in office August 31, 1958

16. Chief of Police Ivy Cato in office September 15, 1955

17. Chief of Police H.E. Johnson in office December 1, 1949

18. Chief of Police J.F. Fendley in office June 24, 1949

19. Chief of Police E.W. Huckabee in office May 4, 1948

20. Chief of Police and Marshall Mack Anderson in office March 5, 1947

21. Chief of Police and Marshall Joseph W. Buford in office November 7, 1946

22. Chief of Police and Marshall C.M. Head in office November 1, 1946

23. Chief of Police and Marshall T.R. (Theo) Buford in office September 13, 1946

24. Chief of Police and Marshall Walter Spann in office June 26, 1945

25. Chief of Police and Marshall H.F. Yarbrough in office September 1943

26. Chief of Police and Marshall T.L. Graham in office October 7, 1941

27. Chief of Police and Marshall John W. Hand in office January 17, 1941

28. Chief of Police and Marshall C.M. Head in office May 4, 1937

29. Marshall H.F. Yarbrough in office August 3, 1932

30. Marshall W.T. Long in office January 1, 1932

31. Marshall Tom Jackson in office May 1, 1931

32. Marshall S.P. Deal in office May 6, 1929

33. Marshall H.C. McLoon in office January 26, 1925

34. Marshall R.A. Curl in office January 8, 1924

35.  Marshall T.J. Kersey in office June 6, 1922